Friday, August 21, 2015

Five for Friday: August 21 !

Happy, happy FRI-DAY !

Happy, happy Fri - day !

At this time in two weeks, I will be starting only my *second* day of school.  I'm having a lot slight anxiety to ... yah know, setupandgetmyroomreadyandyetIhavenoideawhenthatwillorevencanhappen. yah know?

So, as a little pick-me-up, here's my Five for Friday with Kacey!

To get things started:
I have registered for graduate classes at Teachers College, Columbia University.
I repeat:

Yes, I was already working towards a Masters in Reading Specialization; however, I am a very big Lucy fan.  So I decided to leave my current university and pursue Teachers College. 
With my background, and my story, and my current situation, my advisor recommended taking Lucy's advanced writing class. While I know this will be no joke, and I will have work to do for the rest of my life a lot of work to do, this is what I'm paying for and working towards - a teacher who is pushed out of her comfort zone much like she does with her students.

It all started last Saturday afternoon.
After spending two hours at the gym then going soul winning and doing bus visitation with 2 of my sisters, I sat at the kitchen table and waited as we all got ready to go school shopping.


The doorbell rang twice -

One sister got herself off the couch to answer the door and receive a package from the post man.

"OH! IT'S MINE! IT'S MINE!" I cried while I leaped through the hallway to retrieve it from my sister's hands. :)

And this is how the rest goes down ...

I realize "Middle" is ... missing the "I"
This was a gift, and unfortunately I didn't realize the spelling error until last night! 
I have already thrown away my little invoice paper, so I can't double check the paper if the spelling error was done during the order or not. :(
. . .
My mom, my sisters, and I ended up going shopping. And I bought supplies for my classroom like all other good teachers do when they are working their way onto Santa's "Nice" list. ;)

Would you like to hear what I have to say about this?
I knew you would. :)

So, I'm standing in line with one of my sisters while the rest of the tribe was .. MIA.
Well, one of the Wal-Mart attendants came up to us and said "You can come to lane 6."
So off my sister and I trotted the 40 feet to the 20 items or less lane.
Well, the tribe comes back and gives me grief for being in the 20 items or less lane and buying 150 items when the lady TOLD me she would ring me up !!!
Bless her heart, she was such a trooper. Patient and Pleasant.
I digress ..
Well, then a family stood in line behind us. 
I saw the mom start to eye me as the attendant (cashier) started counting all the 60-something spiral notebooks I was purchasing after she had counted the 90 black, 3-prong folders.  Her family quickly moved to the next line that was not 20 items or less, yet the mom continued to stare me down. :(
First of all - the Wal-Mart attendant offered her register to me to ring me up.
SECONDLY - to the mom who eyed me: I hope your children have teachers who go out of their way and spend money OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKET to make sure EVERY child has school supplies.  And I hope you have a teacher, that if he/she chooses to use community supplies, that the teacher doesn't neglect your children from using supplies since you, mom, gave me a stank eye for purchasing supplies so that all students in my classroom could be prepared and have a successful 8th grade year before graduating middle school! 


I created these place value puzzles for working with my incoming first grade tutor student. I am still figuring out how to work this into a product, but this was a start of practice for him to understand place value, bundles of 10, and that 10 is a friendly :) number. 
 Red and yellow make orange, so hence the chosen colors. 

Momma Dukes, sisters, and I all went Monster Mini Golfing.  I had never gone while the rest of the tribe had been before a few summers ago.  It was quite chaotic the first 4 holes since a 4-year-old day camp was at EVERY hole. However, I guess they gave up quickly since it was no sooner quiet along the "course" and we got to move quicker from hole to hole to hole.  It was quite fun! I'm not sure who won though ... that's a good question. 

And last but not least!

After tutoring, mini golfing, tutoring, and picking up Adirondack chairs for class library, I headed to the Scholastic Warehouse Sale! I knew I wasn't going to be able to make Friday and Saturday, so I drove as fast as I could safely did the speed limit to get to the book fair for the last 50 minutes and grow my measly little middle school library.  I ended up grabbing just about 1 of everything, then I saw I had time, so I started using my Scholastic Book Wizard app to make sure the majority of what I haphazardly grabbed was level and age appropriate.
It was.
$150 later, here is the newest addition to my library!

When I got home, guess what was waiting for me ?!?!?!


Seriously ?! I don't care what grade you teach, you NEED The Day the Crayons Came Home. And if you don't already have The Day the Crayons Quit, you need to purchase that one as well.
The Book with No Pictures is good. :)
Fish in a Tree ??
I started reading it IMMEDIATELY when I got home. I'm a little over a third of the way there.  I plan on finishing it ASAP! 



Katie said...

That is so awesome that you are taking classes at the Teacher's College! Good luck juggling everything! I just got the Day the Crayon's Came Home and LOVED it! The book with no pictures is so hilarious too! I will have to check out the other one too! Glad that all your back to school prep is going well!
Inquiring Our Way Through Third Grade

ithappenedin3rd said...

Love the Scholastic Warehouse Sale! I've gotten a lot of great things over the years.

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