Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Currently - It's 2014 ... bringing a lot of memorable things!

New year = A LOT of great things coming up ... I must have something for every month until June! And then July is my birthday, so my calendar is basically filled up until August! woo hoo!

New month = new currently.  Be sure to link up with Farley and let the blogging community know what YOU'RE Currently doing. :) Mine is super quick and not very school related, even though we go back to school tomorrow.  Last day of break = enjoying break.

Today is the last day of our winter break.  It's been a great break to catch up on things and get my feet back underneath me.  2014 brings soo many exciting events and trips!

Right now, I'm listening to my friend yell at the top of her lungs! at the LSU game.  She was hosting a "viewing party" since she goes to LSU.  Currently, it's 7-14, LSU.  LSU should win, but they're all droppin' like flies right now. -_-

I'm loving that I was able to get some reading done over this break - Notice and Note by Kylene Beers and Robert E. Probst as well as A Guide to the Common Core Writing Workshop that came in my Units of Study Grade 3 - Writing. (Lucy Calkins)  I *finally* understand close reading and how to help my third graders fall a little more in love with reading. :)  Through that, hopefully it will life their level of writing.  2014 - BIG THINGS for my 3rd graders. :)

I've already put it in my agenda for this weekend that I will be devoting my weekend to grading the 55 mini assessments that the students had over break .. that's IF I get all 55 of them back by 3:00 pm on Friday.

I'm waiting for my second mom to break out her chicken noodle soup that she bribed me with .. that's the other reason why I'm at her house. :) ...and the sangria.
I'm also waiting to see if this schedule I have planned out for Janurary -- works.  I guess we'll find out next month after the third benchmark. *fingers crossed* I help my students fall in love with reading and independently do their own close reading of the texts they read.

I definitely need a pedicure, but that can wait like 2 more weeks. Thank goodness it's not flip flop season yet!  While getting my pedicure .. you know I'll be reading. :)

Favorite memory - it was this time last year that I was getting ready to sub in a low-income district that I was dying to land a job in just a few months prior.  I focused on urban education in my undergrad years, student taught in an urban district, and had interviewed in the district I was getting ready to sub in  (it's where I would primarily sub for the next 2 months before beginning my official career).  Come to find out, it would only be 3 weeks later - while subbing in this low-income district I wanted to be in - that I would get a phone call from ANOTHER low-income district to ask "Are you still interested in a position with us??"  :)  2013 had a lot of great moments for me to learn from, grow from, reflect on, leave in the past, and look forward to the awesome things that come with being a big girl with your own teacher paycheck in 2014. ;)