Thursday, November 7, 2013

Currently - November!

I am super excited for two reasons:
1 - my blog design is up all thanks to the amazing Kassie - I couldn't recommend her more. She has such a great selection of things to pick from that are perfect to suit your blog AND she's patient and creative!


2 - I finally get to link up with Farley's Currently!

So here goes ...

Listening: I'm catching up on the episodes of the best.  I'm very slightly behind now that I'm finally up to the "Knockouts" (since doing my 'Currently').  I can't keep up with "The Voice" too much during the week because Monday nights are grad school .. 

Loving:  Oh my gosh! You have no idea - well, you probably do since we are all there as teachers ;) -  how grateful I am to have off today, tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday. 

Thinking:  ....and since I have off all this time, I just threw a lot of things onto my weekend to-do. So let's see how well I time manage rather than sleep and catch-up on my shows. :)

Wanting:  Oh, the last time I had a pork roll/egg/cheese sandwich with apple juice was Saturday ... right after I had completed a 5 mile race. :)  And being that I'm off .. I want to eat something that I don't get to eat every day because who has time or money to constantly eat/purchase a breakfast sandwich, and, of course, it's not the healthiest. -_-

Needing:  More sleep because I'm on a mini-vacation! Who gets up at 8 am when they can still sleep ?!  Or I may need a massage because my right hip is bothering me.  A spa day would be nice.

A Yummy Pin:  Who can't find something delicious on Pinterest ?!  Here's mine - enjoy! 
cannoli dip | Cooking Classy
Canoli dip! from Cooking Classy  
It looks sooo deliciously appetizing, and I think it would go in a  h e a r t b e a t  at Thanksgiving or Christmas! 

Now it's your turn!  Don't forget to go link up! 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

We Won!

As many of you know, last week (the last week in October) was dedicated to Red Ribbon Week where we raised awareness about the detrimental effects of drugs and pledged to live a drug-free life.  At our school, we were each challenged to decorate our doors in support of pledging to live a drug-free life.  Well, I searched hi and low for ideas.  TpT had some fabulous ideas - such as The Savvy School Counselor's Red Ribbon Awareness Week Pack and Primary Graffiti's "iTune Out Drugs".  I used the Savy School Counselor's slides to teach about the effects of drugs on the body and the students completed the foldable.  The following day, the students made their iPods from Primary Graffiti's packet.

Then, I found out ANOTHER 3rd grade class had done the iPod idea.  boo!  Back to the drawing board.  

Halloween, October 31st, my co-teacher sent me a picture of a FABULOUS door idea from pinterest!  The past two weeks I had been going around school  my classroom quoting, "veedo! veedo! veedo!" ... from Despicable Me 2.  My students thought I was the coolest teacher on the block. ;)

Needlesstosay, my co-teacher sent me the picture, and I was bummed because I felt like it was too late and I had *no* idea how I could get the door done and an activity to do that would coincide with the door!

We prevailed, though! She encouraged me to do it, and I did.  Next thing I knew, our door was despicably cool. ;)  And we found out today that we won the door contest for the 3rd-4th grades.

If you know where this came from on pinterest, please let me know! They deserve the credit!

The door and minions before I added the foldable.  We deserve extra credit for explaining why drugs are despicable. ;)

The minion craft came from Pamela Zweygardt.  It was so cute when the students finally realized what they were making !!! :)

The foldable was what I did with the students on Monday.  It was an activity from the Savvy School Counselor's packet. :)  I tried to put it so the minions were either looking at the foldable, depending on their eyes, or they were holding it in their "hands".

Another example. :)

" A 'minion' reasons drugs are despicable! "

It's amazing how many ideas you can get from the resources all afforded by technology. :)  I couldn't be more grateful for all of the pinterest ideas and TpT packages that teachers make that make novice teacher's lives a little less stressful.