Friday, July 24, 2015

Five for Friday: July 24

Hey, all ! It's FRIDAY !! :) And I'm linking up with Kacey for another ..

Here's the scoop from my week:

My boyfriend left on Thursday of last week for Haiti.  Last year he went to Haiti and he was gone for 10 days ! :( Fortunately this year he went to Haiti for only 4 days. :) So I kept myself busy while he was away so I wouldn't miss him too much. ;)

In the mean time, before he left, I made him a card for each day.  It had a short message, Bible verse, and a prayer for the day - something that I was praying for for him during his trip.  I did this last year too - one card for each day he was away.  I guess I have to make it a tradition now any time he leaves me.

I am a HUGE Minion lover, so in honor of the Minion movie, my sister decided it would be cool to check out the Rutgers Cinema that was recently added to the Rutgers University campus.  It was quite interesting.  A little different than other movie theaters since there were pull up desks/tables to each chair (which were super comfy, ps) and a podium on the floor.  My sister's boyfriend has actually had classes in the theater! LOL!  It was a quaint theater, very clean and family friendly so I'd definitely go back again. :)

Oh! Why is no one else there to see the Minion movie with us? You ask -
My sister led us to the wrong theater! LOL!
Fortunately, we figured it out in time to make it to the right room. :)

I had to have this - in honor of the minions. :)

Forty eight hours later, my sisters and I went to 6 Flags Great Adventure in Jersey to see/hear "for King & Country".  On Friday, I lifeguarded ALL DAY - from 9:00 AM to 10:30PM.  Granted, the swim meet we were guarding was over early, but it was *still* a  L O N G day for me because  ... I locked myself out of the car. -____-

I was guarding at 2 different pools that were in the same vicinity.  I started outside where I locked my keys in the car. Went to lunch with my supervisor and the pool she was guarding, so when she went off on her trek to her pool, I treked the 2 miles down the road to the pool I had to guard at next.  I called my dad, he brought my spare key. #dadforthewin  I eventually rescued my car - that was literally half a mile away - drove it to the pool I was guarding, and left the night happily ever after.

So after having that kind of Friday last week, I got home Friday night, went to bed, and had to be up so I could be BACK at the swim meet pool at 6:30 am.  Fortunately, we had a lightning delay from 8:30am - 10:00am, so that helped really break up the morning.  

But I left at 2:30pm, came home, ordered a new size in my bridesmaid dress for my friend's wedding in two weeks and headed off to 6 Flags with 2 of my sisters.

 This is the part where they got off the stage and were arms reach of where we were.  I won #sisteroftheyear and got my sisters and I tickets for the "VIP" seating standing. haha.
It was worth it though. :)

So then ...

After getting home around 11:00pm from 6 Flags on Saturday night, I was hosting one of my best friend's bridal shower at my house the next day. These are just some of the pictures taken by the maid of honor who is an art teacher and made all the decorations. :)  And the food was done by one of the bridesmaid. I can't even begin to tell you how AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS it all was! <3  And huge shout out to my sister who made the red velvet cupcakes and icing from scratch. <3 <3 love you, little one!

In honor of Prime Day on the 15th, which was a #fail for us teachers (but I digress...)

I finally ordered:

I made out pretty well though utilizing the Prime deals by ordering this charger.  I think it was orignially $70, but I snagged it for $20. :)  woot! woot!

Well, that's all for me. Be sure to leave a quick comment below - even if it's just to tell me "I read your post!"  I don't mind that. :)  You can even tell me how your week was! Whatever you choose to tell me, I'm happy to hear from you. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tell All Tuesday: My Dream Classroom!

Once again, I am linking up with Diana from My Day in K and Jayme from Teach.Talk.Inspire for ....

This week is all about .....

This was a tough one to decipher, narrow down, and actually figure out because I'm no longer decorating for a 3rd grade classroom but rather an 8th grade classroom now.  I really have no idea what my dream classroom would look like, but I have a select list of ideas that I would like in a classroom.  Ironically, as I was looking for a picture to explain my dream library, I realized that most people would just tell me to be a Media Specialist, but I really don't think that's the route I want to go.  I like teaching reading and of course teaching writing too.  I want a classroom library that mirrors a beautiful school or community even college library! [Of course I couldn't find a picture I wanted to use that I also thought was "okay" to use without being penalized for breaking some kind of term of use.] I love the space and the ability to just get lost in books! It reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. :)  And because writing stems from reading and we use books as mentor texts, I wouldn't mind writing in a library or working at a craft table-library desk and writing with a stack of books and Starbucks in hand!

So without further ado, here are some ideas that would be beautiful if I:
a) had the room
b) had the time
c) had the money ;)

{Click the pictures to be taken to the exact link of where I found it.}

1. Wall Space
I really like this idea from The Pinspired Teacher the black background with the various color borders.  It sets each area of space apart from the others.  The colors are friendly, and it is a great area of the wall/room.  All charts that can be posted in the colors are at eye level for students.  

2. Bunting and Pom Poms !!
I love *love* love bunting [and of course wash tape too ;)] - especially this bunting display from Peace, Love, 2 Sisters. I really like having bunting and pom poms in the classroom.  It livens up the room and makes it an inviting place for students.  No matter what the age of the classroom students.

3. Classroom Library - Book Display
I think a "flashy" classroom library will go a long way with middle school students.  There are more novels and books that appeal to them because they have been turned into films or vice versa.  I don't think this would've worked so well with younger students; it doesn't seem as applicable to them.  Middle school students are usually at the movies or watching a movie, no?

^^^ by far, what I would LOVE for my library to look like. Since I'm moving to middle school, I think having the books displayed .. not in bins .. would appeal more to middle school students who-will-eventually-be-freshman-come-June, so book bins seem ... elementary??  And the "IMAGINE" sign .. Imagine all the possibilities. :)

4. Technology in the Classroom
Seriously! How stinkin'  A W E S O M E  is this ??!!!! 
I love this Starbucks-meets-Apple-in-the-classroom kinda feel, don't you? :) 
I think my kids wouldn't mind writing research/information papers. ;)

5. Classroom Library - Reading Space
I really like the openness, the space, the two chairs and little "ottoman" in the center of the reading area in Reagan Tunstall's classroom.  It makes me think of a coffeehouse. :)

from A Burst of First

I would totally put these in my classroom -
and I would want more than one. ;)

6. Classroom Desks
I really enjoy the circular tables.  I feel like it gives the vibe to students in the group that all are welcome.  There are no sharp edges or corners that separate one side of the table from another.  It may not be idea for books and such, but the rounded edges would allow me to maneuver between all students.  And groups of 3 are perfect.  After group tasks in mathematics with my 3rd graders last year, I learned within a few weeks that the smaller the groups, the better. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed my imaginary classroom?  Needs to be the size of a house, right? :)

What would your dream classroom look like and include?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tell All Tuesday: If My Life Were a Reality Show

 Happy Tuesday, all! Yesterday, I linked up Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It [read about my post HERE] and today I am linking up with Diana from My Day in K and Jayme from Teach.Talk.Inspire for Tell all Tuesday!

The topic for this week is .....

*drumroll* ....

One in a Minion coming Fall 2015 ;)

I'm not too good with assessing what to call my life.  I actually asked this to my boyfriend.  He thought the question was a trap and his response would get him in trouble. -__- But I convinced him it wouldn't.  He actually came up with the title "The Over-Doer", and as true as that may be - that I over do what needs to be done - it wasn't cuttin' it for the fun of this linky party! :)

So I began to go through my pictures, and I realized two things:

1. It am pathetic loyal to the movie Despicable Me ESPECIALLY the *MINIONS* !

boo! :(

2. I may be 25, but I act like I'm 5 sometimes .. and most of the time, I act the way I would picture the minions acting.  #ILiveWithMySisters

Must. Have. A. Wand. When. Teaching!

Why go to the movies if you're not gonna have an icee?

And so that is how I came about with my title - One in a Minion.  Of course, it would star me, and then my 3 younger sisters, and I guess my boyfriend would have to make an appearance every episode.  What would life be without him ?? !!  He puts up with my minion-mind half the time. ;)

Case in point:





The End! :)