Friday, July 3, 2015

Five for Friday: July 3rd

How exciting! This is my first time ever linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday Linky Party!

Here goes the tell all from my week! Enjoy!

Well, it was also my first time linking up with Ashley and Angie for their #2getherwearebetter series! It was a well spent day for me thinking and reflecting on what I wanted to do to improve my classroom for next year.  #goalsetting

With that being said, I have two blog posts up for this week, then this one for today, and one reading to post for tomorrow! YAY! Definitely trying to blog more, connect more, and put myself out there. I am tired of resting in my comfort zone and being okay with that. #nothankyou

I also posted a picture on Instagram yesterday - more of a question - for people to respond to.

I had heart palpitations just making up scenarios of how it would turn out! I was thinking, "No one is going to write anything! Maybe it'll just get 'liked' and people will move on! Maybe people will tell others not to write anything!"  Yes, it sounds bizarre, but I am very shy and I tend to just stick to my little bubble.  But lately, as I've been scrolling through my Instagram feed, I've been reading all of these positive quotes about going for your dreams, step out of your comfort zone, grow, etc.. So I had to really convince myself of that! and post my question-picture.  Sure enough! I had some positive feedback and one person recommended another person who then commented! #blessed #brimmingwithblessings #overwhelmedheart

 Ummm ... so I've decided to pursue my Masters at Columbia University! I was accepted a few weeks ago; the same day that I was offered an 8th grade teaching position!

 My Erin Condren lifeplanner arrived on Saturday! YAY! I was worried it wouldn't make it into my hands until the start of July! but #Godisgood ! :) It came a week earlier than I expected, and right before the start of July and tutoring like crazy!

 I have LOVED teaching the 4- and 5-year-olds at my church.  About a month ago, our pastors approached my family and asked if my family would take over the class! The teacher in me kicked in and kinda took over ;) so I told my sisters they could be my helpers.  I will only be allowed to decorate the room as I would like until the end of August because then school is back in session for our church and our Junior Church classroom is the Kindergarten classroom. :( It has been so nice being able to decorate a classroom and be able to decorate it about Jesus! I don't get to do that in public school.

I decided to display the alphabet to promote literacy and learning? 
And each letter has a KJV Bible verse on it - a verse that starts with the corresponding letter. 

It's been a hectic week! But for my last thing to share:

In the midst of five tutoring sessions in 3 days, I went to "New Hire Orientation" at my new district. :) My paperwork is *almost* all in, and I have been board approved! :) YAY!


Sweet Sweet Primary said...

I LOVE your bible verse alphabet line!!! Did you make that or did you buy it? Either way I need one! I'd love to order a EC planner, but it will have to wait. We don't start school till the end of August, so there's still time.

Kristen Moore said...

Go Jenn! It sounds like you are definitely going for it! Masters and a new school, you go girl! Is this your first life planner?! I am thinking about getting one but it gives me a bit of anxiety thinking about spending that much money on a planner. Everyone raves though so maybe it is in my future! :) Have a great weekend!
Moore to Learn

Andrea said...

Your blog is just adorable! Congrats on grad school and a new grade level change. I taught 8th grade ELA forever, and I absolutely love that age. Good luck!
Right Down the Middle

JanCT said...

I'm so glad that I discovered your blog! Eighth grade will be quite a switch from third. You're going to have many adventures this year. New grade. Master's coursework. Wow. I love your alphabet. I'm also a Christian teacher in a public school. I love it, but I definitely don't decorate the way I would in a Christian setting. Have a great week!
Laughter and Consistency

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