Sunday, August 2, 2015

#2getherwearebetter: Bulletin Boards

It's that time again! Time to link up with Ashley and Angie for #2getherwearebetter !

This month is all about bulletin boards

This past year I tried something different.  I don't remember how I actually came to the idea.  Actually, I think it was because I was expressing to a friend how I wanted to do a nautical-ish theme in my classroom.  She suggested going to a fabric store to use fabric as a bulletin board background.  Well, sure enough, I LOVED it! 

Using fabric made putting up a bulletin board background sooooo much easier! It's also more decorative.  You can find patterned fabric, but you can't find patterned bulletin board paper. :)
PLUS, fabric doesn't fade like bulletin board paper or construction paper.

With this "bulletin board", I was actually just covering a whole wall space.  The coat hooks were halfway between the ceiling and the floor, so I needed something to cover the wall above the coat hooks.  I bought - I believe it was 6 feet! - of fabric to just run down the wall.  
Then, because it was dark blue background with red and white stars, I didn't want one color to dominate, so I doubled up the border.  I used white border along the outside then followed that with red border.  Where the white dips (in the design) is where I would place the rise of the red border.

I used fabric for covering walls and bulletin boards in my classroom, but in the hallway display cases, I used wrapping paper.  Wrapping paper is like bulletin board paper - it's all rolled up.  But I like that it's a shorter length than bulletin board paper.  I also suggest wrapping paper because one can find different colors and patterns in wrapping paper.

The blue background in this picture is wrapping paper, but it is a super clear blue similar to the texture of saran wrap just not as clingy.  

Well, that about sums up my input for bulletin boards! 

What would you like to share about bulletin boards? :)


Jamie Knefely said...

I like to use fabric on my boards too. I agree it hold up and last much longer! Thanks for sharing!

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