Friday, August 7, 2015

Tell All Tuesday ... On Friday ;)

I'm </3 .. heartbroken! It's the last Tell All Tuesday of the summer. :(


Jaime and Diana have mentioned doing a monthly linky, so I'm looking forward to what they have planned. :)

For this Friday, I'm a little late to the last Tell All Tuesday party. [better late than never?] 

Head over to Jaime and Diana 's blogs to check out what others are saying!

a goal.
a wish.
a  d r e a m  .
here are mine :)

If you haven't heard by now, I'm switching grade levels ... and school districts ... and graduate schools. #InOverMyHead
The nice thing about switching grade levels is that I'm only responsible for teaching one subject - English Language Arts. ahhh, my forte! :) Which is what I'm going back to school for - Literacy Specialist at Teachers College Columbia University.
This year, with my planning load being lighter [I hope since it's one subject!], I hope to find balance in what I do:
- plan for one subject
- grade papers for 90 students
- complete my graduate homework
- tutor a few hours a week [$$$]
- spend time with family
* spend time with Jesus and continue to grow in my walk with Him! *


I'm going from teaching 3rd grade for the past two years ... to now 8th grade.  Without a doubt, I am *super* excited! But I am also extremely nervous.  I student taught 5th grade; otherwise I just have experience "people watching" middle schoolers.  You see, my student teaching building and my first teaching job building serviced kids in grades K - 8.  I also was blessed to coach 6th - 8th grade cheerleading last year, so I have some minimal experience with middle school classrooms and what they should look like.  I know, I know. I'm buggin' - I'm overanalyzing and overthinking.  I'm making it harder than it will be.  I need to relax and just do what I do best - LITERACY!


My dream is that I'm going to  l o v e  teaching middle school.  I was told by my previous coworkers that I would make an excellent middle school teacher.  I would agree.  Not being cocky at all! I just think that while I love teaching 3rd grade and my heart will always be there,  I will thoroughly take advantage of teaching older students ..
- debates
- writing
- posing questions
- laughs
- jokes
- responsibility
It was a pleasure to student teaching 5th graders, so I am really looking forward to teaching 8th graders. I hope that I find success as a middle school teacher.


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