Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Better Late than Never .. ;)

I know !! It's been, ugh ... 3 weeks ?!!!

It's always on my to-do- list, to blog, but I've just been putting it off.  I have told myself that it's really important to do, though, since this is my first FULL year teaching!  

So here are some things that happened in the midst of putting my classroom together, which I am still doing ... My job is never done. :)

I guess I went a little teacher happy ?? Never! :) 
You can never have enough supplies for creativity and writing. (;

My attempt at genre-ing the books I decided to keep and store in our classroom library.
I am starting to think I need more ... 

The punching out and laminating I had to do.
Thank you, Really Good Stuff !! SOO much Dr. Seuss stuff !! :D

Yah know, the tireless cutting of lamination I had already done that morning (background).
And the lamination I still had to do that night.
We had a lamination party. :)

I almost fell over when I found these in my local Lakeshore Learning Store! I couldn't believe it!

My friend's husband made 2 more shelves for our library. :)
I am ever so grateful.

The bookshelves filled in ... :D

The bookshelf pegs. :)
You always need a picture of those.

The semi-semblance of a classroom library -
still putting the rest of it together as a book nook. :)

There is just *soooo* much good stuff out there - take advantage! Just give credit where credit is due.  Seriously, because as a first year teacher - my classroom would not be as spectacular without the help of other bloggers and their TpT creations.  I love it ! I live for it ! Hahahaha, not quite yet. :)  For now, just keep the good stuff coming. 


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