Friday, August 30, 2013

Back to School

Whew! What a week it has been! I was finally able to get myself over to my NEW classroom, after all the anxiety I was having that nothing was going to be in done in time.  BUT with the help of my mom (*love her*), one of my sisters, my boyfriend, and a friend, we completely turned the room upside down.  I could not be more grateful for my loved ones who helped me soooo much!  We were able to take out resources that were in the classroom and were not going to be much help to me, so I pretty much just get to start from scratch with setting up my room!

I was too occupied with cleaning that I didn't take any before / after pictures the first day I visited my new assigned classroom.  But we have all been there and can imagine; we know what that's like. ;)  I thought about it today though! Here is just a little look at what went on today:

My friend was a God send! She had 2 rolls of leftover carpet from when her husband & her added an addition on their house.  She cut up the purple rug and adhered it to the floor so my new kids don't slip and slide. ;)  She also cut up 4 partner mats from her tan rug. Then, she cut up those tennis balls you see in the bottom left-hand corner for some of my chairs that needed them :)
p.s.. Her husband is making me extra shelves for my wooden book case (that's why the right side is empty - she has the "shelve template").  ;)

This table will house all of my writing supplies .. the "writing station."  Underneath the table is currently all the headphones and cassette players for the students to use during Listen to Reading.  The white file on top - that's where the students will keep their writing folders and portfolio compilations.

After going through about .. 10 various sized boxes, my mom helped me and narrowed down all the books that I should keep.  I had two classroom library's worth of books - at ALL reading levels.  Now, to classroom library them . . . . 

This is one side of the hallway outside of my door.  Some of the stuff we cleaned out of the room within the two days of working in the room - about 5 boxes are books that were of no use to my students. /=

The other side of the hallway outside of my door.  This side is primarily curriculum books.  Don't worry - some of them are math and science, which I don't teach this year since we went to team teaching ... Woo Hoo !!

This was today's garbage .. Now multiply that by 3 - THAT was how much we threw out the first day. 

Stay tuned !! I have to get back to researching some ideas for running my classroom this year and researching how to effectively run my room, especially my Reader's Notebooks and Writer's Notebooks.  
This will be my *FIRST* official year teaching.  I'm so excited to be with a group of students right from the very start! YAY! :D  I was hired in March, so I only have 17 weeks of experience under my belt.  That's okay.  I feel like a pro now - thanks to the teacher blogosphere and Pinterest, I feel as prepared as I can be, a little nervous - but confident!, in approaching this first year of teaching.


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