Thursday, January 1, 2015

Taking Learning to the Next Level

I recently joined the Donors Choose community (as a teacher) to request supplies for my students.  If you are not aware, Donors Choose is a website for public school teachers to request classroom supplies ranging from the "little" things like paper, pens, and the necessities to bigger projects like classroom furniture, science kits, and technology.  As a teacher, you create an account to describe your classroom, school, and community/environment.  You are then given a certain amount of "points" allotted by Donors Choose to pick a project to start.  Then you get to explain why you're requesting those particular items!

This is my current (and FIRST!) Donors Choose project!  I requested a classroom carpet that will seat 30 students and two Samsung chrome books.  I am requesting such a large carpet because the amount of students that I have had year to year varies.  Plus, the added room will enhance student learning.  They will have the freedom and space to work on the rug or listen and participate in a mini-lesson. I am requesting the chrome books because I know how helpful it would be for my students to work outside of just our computer center.  I can just picture my students working at their desks as they research information for their nonfiction writing or using our Accelerated Math or Accelerated Reader programs.  It will be so helpful to have these as they will also be beneficial for my students to practice their keyboarding skills.  We only have 4 computers in our classroom, and while we are grateful for at least having four *working* computers, two chrome books would allow more flexibility.

So far, four generous donors have contributed to our project! Together, their generosity equates to the coverage for one of our chrome books!  YAY!  Just a little more to go!

Won't you consider helping us Take Learning to the Next Level ??? :)


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