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I'm a 20something-year-old Jersey girl who will be a Jersey girl until the day she dies. ;)  I have 3 younger sisters - one who is studying to be a math teacher, one who is a sophomore in high school, and the youngest, "booy", is in middle school - and a handsome boyfriend who I've known since high school but we've only been dating for two years.  I adore my sisters and my boyfriend is my best friend.

I graduated in May 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Family Studies: Concentration in K-5 Elementary Education and my Certificate in Child Advocacy.  I didn't realize that I graduated one class short of having 15 credits for English/Language Arts.  So in December 2012, I took online English class at my county college and took my Praxis for English 5-8 Endorsement in April 2013.  I am K-5 certified and endorsed to teach 5-8 English.

Before my job of teaching 3rd graders who come from low-income homes, I was a substitute teacher for about 5 months. (I have been teaching since March 2013.) I subbed in a variety of school districts and grade levels to experience the differences in the education systems.  I subbed in affluent school districts, mediocre districts, and urban districts.  To me, nothing compares to teaching in an urban district.  I pour myself into what I do because I believe it is where God has called me to serve.

I've only been teaching for a few months and have currently returned to graduate school to pursue Reading Specialization. What can I say - I love reading, and I love teaching students how to read.

In my "free time," I'm on Pinterest, Instagram, reading books on small group instruction, close reading, classroom management strategies, filling my cart on TeachersPayTeachers, or staying fit. :)

"If there is anything that we wish to change in a child, we must first examine it and see whether it is something that could better be changed in ourselves."  ~ Carl Jung


Thrilling 3rd Grade Adventures said...

Hey Jenn,

We are also 3rd grade teachers from New Jersey! We are just starting our blogging journey. It was great checking out your blog.

Jillian and Katie

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