Monday, February 2, 2015

Currently: February!

So January came ... and went.  While we didn't have as many snow days during January like we did last year, I still felt like I spent the same amount of time not being in the classroom after having to attend so many various workshops.  We did have one snow day though .. last week.  The only problem? Meteorologists were predicting a BLIZZARD and we just had a few inches of snow! LOL! We all went into school on Monday with: a) a 1:00 dismissal, b) pretty confident in no school on Tuesday, but also c) thinking we weren't going to be at school on Wednesday either.

We were though.

So now that brings us to February! And I am linking up with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for February Currently!


It's all pretty explanatory ...  except -

I went to a PARCC workshop on Saturday ... my head is still spinning from being there. Wow.  One month until PARCC.  It was a fantastic workshop that was very profitable in preparing our kids 3rd graders for what they are about to face.  So now I'm starting to think of some things to still teach the curriculum with [basically] the "PARCC writing formula".  #sosad

I love the book of James.  It is absolutely my favorite book in the Bible.  I want to memorize it.  I was inspired by Beth Moore during her study James: Mercy Triumphs.  I have always loved the book of James, but now I want to challenge my Bible memorization and memorize the whole book of James! :)

At this point, I'm procrastinating ... hoping my one hour lesson will just fall out of the air and into my lap.  I am now 12 credits into my Masters for Reading Specialization.  This semester starts Clinical 2 where we will be with a student for approximately 9 weeks doing interventions that we saw as necessary at the end of Clinical 1 (when we did a whole series of diagnostic tests on our given student .. the IRI, DTRA, SIT, etc...)

pageant title
My sister Sarah (whose name means "princess") calls me "Queen Jenny" .. I guess 'cause I'm the oldest sister. :)  I like when she calls me that .. not in a cocky way, but because it's her nickname for me.  So I deem it worth of my pageant title.  

Okay, I should really get working on my lesson for tomorrow.  Go link up with Farley NOW! ;)


Jessica said...

Snow days are so magical!! I like your pageant name. Good luck with all your lesson plans and the PARCC!

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