Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

I realize Wordless Wednesday was probably the last time I posted!  It's been quite a hectic few days.  And tomorrow is Report Card Night ..

Nonetheless, once again it is time to link up with Miss DeCarbo from Sugar & Spice for ....

I moved classrooms this year, so I not only inherited the books from my previous room and the books I purchased at library sales, but I also inherited books from the new classroom I was moved to!  It still hasn't been enough books to keep up with my readers and their ever busy, growing brains that love to go on a reading adventure. :)

So, this year, I have been handing out Scholastic Book Forms .  It has been a great help to get books and high quality literature and informational text into the hands of my 3rd Graders.  And, of course, it earns our class points for purchasing more books for our classroom library! :)

I am a like a little kid at Christmas when these boxes come !!!! :D

I track my e-mails because I am asked every minute of the day when the books are coming! I can't wait for the packages to arrive! 

This is just a sneak peak at some of the books that I've order for the classroom - and this was just the last order that I put in!  Some months, I purchase more than others. And to be honest, most of the time I just purchase them myself through Scholastic.  I'm trying to earn as many points as I can before the summer.  I'm saving the points to purchase book sets for guided reading groups next year. My students - I have 55 in total - have been a BIG help in earning points for the classroom.  [One month - I believe it was December - I had a total order for books of almost $400 !!!]

I love passing out books to them and watching how engrossed my students become with what they have.  I can't help but stare at them because their focus and attitude are quickly swept over by this new touch that brings a new adventure. It's encouraging.. :)

What about you .. Do you put new books into your classroom library?  How do you get great books, literature, and information into the hands of your readers?


Miss DeCarbo said...

Thanks for linking up! :)


Katie Smith said...

I LOVE going to garage sales for books. You can find them for super cheap and most of the time they still look brand new! =)

Ms. Smith
Adventures of Ms. Smith

Lori said...

I am the same way- it does feel almost like Christmas when new books come in! I love that! One year a parent gave me several boxes of books that her children had grown out of. It was great!
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